Jeep® Launches A Premium And Innovative Road Assistance Service in Russia

Jeep® becomes the first brand to innovate the Road Assistance program by introducing new premium services. These include new Accident Assistance Call-out and Pick & Go which are now available only to Jeep customers in Russia.

This innovative offer consist of four unique features:

1. Accident Assistant Call-out: in case of an accident or the vehicle’s break down the driver can dial a special number calling for an assistant who would arrive to provide support on the spot covering vehicle inspection and taking photographs, advice on paperwork, collecting documents for police/traffic police and collecting paperwork from the police and traffic police and providing all accident paperwork to the client within 7 days of the rendering of a decision.

2. Pick & Go: in case the vehicle can not continue its journey - an alternative vehicle of the same class is provided for the period of repair on the spot of break-down/accident or the driver is picked up by a taxi heading to the nearest point at which an alternative vehicle can be provided.

3.Vehicle recovery to an official dealership in the event of a breakdown, accident, theft, etc.

4. Vehicle storage for up to two days.

Giorgio Gorelli, CEO of Chrysler Rus said: “Before introducing the unique premium Road Assistance program for owners of Jeep vehicles, we completed a survey covering 6 European countries to select the best premium services. In consultation with our dealers, we came up with a unique blend integrating the Jeep Privilege Service with the Accident Assistant Call-out service and providing a unique road assistance experience for the Russian customers.

Weather it’s taking the family to the country or driving to an important business meeting in the other town - we want our customers to know that Jeep will take care of them even if something goes wrong.”

These unique premium services are offered in addition to the options commonly included in Road Assistance programs available on the market:

1. Accommodation (5 nights max, 4* hotel)
2. Alternative travel assistance (organizing and paying for continuation of journey by train or plane)
3. Organizing post-repair vehicle collection (taxi or organizing and paying for journey by train or plane).

The new premium Road Assistance Service is available to all Jeep owners in 20 Russian cities in which Chrysler RUS is represented by an official dealer and symbolizes another step towards enhancing Jeep presence on the Russian market by providing its customers a unique premium offering.

About Chrysler Rus:

Chrysler RUS – an official distributor of Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge cars in Russia. The company was founded in 2007. Its operations cover car sales, marketing, aftersales services and dealership network development. Official import of Fiat and FiatProfessional cars was launched in Russia in March 2012.

Moscow, 14th June 2013

For additional information please contact:

Irina Golubeva

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