Jeep® introduces the Rugby Sevens World Championship in Moscow

The Jeep® brand is partner of the Rugby Sevens World Championship taking place in Moscow, June 28-30.

At the Luzhniki area, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will be showcased in preview to the Russian public.

Moscow to host a thrilling sports event Rugby Sevens World Championship (RWC Sevens 2013) taking place on 28 - 30 June in Luzhniki sports arena with support from the legendary Jeep® brand.

Thousands of sports fans will witness an unprecedented show comprising tough competition between the world's best rugby teams, special entertainment program by Jeep and a music festival.

The Luzhniki area will transform into an exciting Jeep territory with the new Grand Cherokee SRT catching everyone's eye. The 2014 model of the most powerful Jeep vehicle ever, will be introduced to the Russian public for the very first time. Whether it's just a peak at the new vehicle or the booking of a test-drive, the Jeep team will be happy to assist the guests and welcome them in a special Jeep Lounge. To stay on track with the tournament’s wins, live broadcasts of matches will be available and special competitions from Jeep will sustain the excitement between the matches.

Giorgio Gorelli, CEO of Chrysler RUS said: «We are happy to welcome Russian rugby fans in  Luzhniki. Jeep has always stood for styling, driving dynamics, power and class-leading capability - that is why we are thrilled to be a part of this grand international event and to offer guests an unforgettable sports experience. I am sure everyone attending the tournament and Luzhniki this weekend will have a great time - whether it’s just watching the game or test driving the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT».

The grand opening of the RWC Sevens 2013 will take place on Friday, 28 June. The play-off matches will happen over the weekend with a final match closing the tournament on Sunday.


About Chrysler Rus:

Chrysler RUS – an official distributor of Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep® , Chrysler and Dodge cars in Russia. The company was founded in 2007. Its operations cover car sales, marketing, aftersales services and dealership network development. Official import of Fiat and FiatProfessional cars was launched in Russia in March 2012.

Moscow, 24th June 2013

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