New Price List on Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge Vehicles

Starting from 1st May 2009, a new price list valid for all Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles sold on the Russian market has been introduced. The new prices, which have been reduced on average by 25%, are not part of a limited time offer, but represent a new pricing policy of SAO “Chrysler Russia” for the rest of 2009.

The serious pricing alteration has emerged as a result of an in-depth research of the current economic situation in Russia, which started to rapidly change after the introduction of new customs duties on imported vehicles in the beginning of the year, as well as the abrupt devaluation of the national currency.

From November 2007, shortly after SAO Chrysler Russia established itself as an independent company from SAO DaimlerChrysler RUS, vehicle prices were fixed in US Dollars, not in Euros, as it was in the past

Ruble prices were calculated according to the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia. This price positioning was very attractive in 2007 and 2008 as the USD exchange rate gradually decreased. However, the growth in the exchange rate, the sudden decline in automobile crediting and an increase in customs duties in the beginning of the year, have strongly affected the final retail prices of our vehicles. Limited time and vehicle offers would not have been a good solution in the long-term. This is why far-reaching measures were necessary.

One of the most popular models – the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the Overland modification with a 3.0 l diesel engine is now available from 63 000 USD (or 2 077 110 Rubles according to the currency exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia for 1st May, 2009). This marks a 17% or 13 000 USD price correction. Moreover, our premier of 2008 – the Jeep Cherokee – has also seen a price decrease. This way the price of a new Jeep Cherokee varies from 43 600 to 48 500 USD (or from 1 437 492 to 1 599 045 Rubles according to the currency exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia for 1st May, 2009), which on average is a 10 000 USD price cutback.